05.09.11@Edgewood Eats 5-8pm

Good MONDAY morning! We will be at Edgewood Eats today from 5pm-8pm (W. Bayshore Rd. and Embarcadero Rd., behind the Shell Station) in Palo Alto.  We’ll be serving our Asian Taco menu, come and see us there!!  Have  Great Day!!

Below is a repost from May 2nd.  Hope to see you at Edgewood Eats!!

As most of you know, we have been doing Mondays @ Cafe Yulong in Mountain View.  We started as a pop-up at Cafe Yulong and have moved to a full-time food truck.  As we grow and are being requested to be at more locations, we regretfully made a decision to stop doing Mondays @ Cafe Yulong and will be out and about on Monday’s.  We thank you all for the support and will try to find another location in the Mtn. View area as one of our regular stops.  Please feel free to contact us if you have a location for us. Thanks again and hope to see you around.


Eat on Monday Team