Schedule for 6.03 – 6.09.13

Our schedule for the week! We look forward to being a part of this year’s SUBZERO Festival!! It sure is gonna be FUN week!!

6.03 MON: Lunch
Private Catering

6.04 TUE: Lunch
755 Page Mill Rd., Palo Alto, CA.

6.05 WED: Lunch
Areva NP
303 Ravendale Ave. Mtn. View, CA.

6.06 THUR: Lunch
Raytheon Applied Signal
400 W. California Ave., Sunnyvale, CA.

6.07 FRI: Lunch

6.07 FRI: Dinner
SUBZERO Festival

6.08 SAT: Lunch
No Service

6.09 SUN: Lunch
No Service

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