Saturday April 18th Pick Up orders!

Together with our kitchen partners @phinbarcoffee we will be holding a PICK UP ONLY POP-UP on Saturday April 18th!

1) Please DM or email us at for your orders! We can take your orders for the other kitchen partners’ menu as well.

2) Any special request on your sandwich (ie. No Bacon, No Spread, Lettuce Wrap…etc.) 3) Please send your payment via Venmo (@Robert-Pei)—your order will only be confirmed after payment has been made.

4) For Phin Bar Drink orders: let us know if you want your drink/s ICED or with NO ICE (to be enjoyed later)

5) Pick up is between 11am-2pm. Let us know what time you’d like to pick up!

*We will be taking orders until 11am on Friday or until supplies last (or all pick up times have been accounted for)